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Get your customers online and tap into a new, online platform to redefine your professional health, nutrition & fitness services.

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What's Qalorie Pro?

Simply the best health app to grow your business

Quality healthcare starts with one click easily
Scale your business

Quality healthcare starts with one click easily

Online sessions, in-app messaging, progress tracking and much more is possible from a single intuitive app.

  • Grow your revenue stream and redefine your services
  • Offer utmost flexibility through online counseling
  • Defy geographical boundaries and enjoy limitless reach
Unlimited access

Get your services to omnipresence

Work from the comfort of your home and keep all your clients’ data safe and easy to access.

  • Get your customers online and offer a ‘one-on-one’ counseling
  • Seamless payments for your services and memberships
  • Let your services not be confined by geographical boundaries
Qalorie is a great place to receive care at home
Train, motivate and connect with clients
Stay connected

Train, motivate and connect with clients

Get your customers hooked on the personal level. Deliver custom fitness programs and nutrition plans right to your customers’ phones—track their progress in real time.

  • Share nutrition and fitness articles for your clients online
  • Deliver meal plans and set fitness goals for your clients
  • Provide a holistic approach to training by impacting nutrition habits
For people to create healthy success stories

We're the smartest way to connect with a Health Coach

Get connected with professionals who are enthusiastic about health, nutrition and fitness. Find recipes, workouts, health articles and personalized online counseling.

Hiring a health coach?

Start your healthy journey with Qalorie!

Connect with a coach, nourish your days and discover a healthier you!

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